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As a user of Autodesk software, no conference is more comprehensive than Autodesk University. Attending since 2007, one of my favorite things about the conference is how dynamic it is. Sure, there will be opening and closing keynotes, an exhibit hall, among other things. But most importantly, there will be classes – and lots of them!

As implied by the name, learning is at the center of Autodesk University, and the 2018 conference will be no different. In fact, Autodesk’s annual call for proposals received 2,155 submissions from nearly 1,200 experts in 49 countries from across the world. As impressive as those numbers are, Autodesk now has the daunting task of choosing just 600-700 classes from the massive list of submittals.

Being a user conference, the first step to Autodesk’s class selection process focuses on the user community. That’s where you come in. From now until July 13, 2018, you can tell Autodesk what sessions you would like to see in November by voting on them today.

To cast your vote, visit the Community Voting page. Once there, you can browse through the 2,155 class proposals. Best of all, the voting site includes many filters, not-to-mention search functionality, to help you hone in on the classes you most care about.

Somewhere in that sea of proposals, you’ll find the six proposals I submitted.

If interested, the proposals I submitted were:

A Match Made in Coordinates: Bringing Revit, Civil 3D, & InfraWorks Together at Last

Co-presenting with Purvi Irwin

Many building site projects live in two worlds; everything inside the building, and everything outside the building. The two worlds only come together after an excessive amount of swearing, and hours of unnecessary time spent. But does it have to be that way? Absolutely not! Coordinating Revit and Civil 3D doesn’t have to require a degree in nuclear physics, and this session will show you how. Co-presented by a Revit and a Civil 3D specialist, you will gain an understanding of the expectations for each platform and how to configure it. With coordinated model locations in place, we will define effective practices for exchanging data between Revit software and Civil 3D software. Leveraging the full potential of each coordinated design model, you will learn how to assemble your project in the context of its surroundings using InfraWorks software, and generate a virtual reality scene.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish shared coordinates between Revit and Civil 3D.
  • Incorporate Revit model data in AutoCAD Civil 3D and Civil 3D model data in Revit.
  • Assemble design model data into an immersive InfraWorks model.
  • Generate virtual reality scenes of your complete project model.

AutoCAD Tips Duel in the Desert: TheMadCadr vs The CAD Geek

Co-Presenting with Frank Mayfield

The desert sun blasts down on the two gunslingers. A tumbleweed rolls by. Somewhere in the distance, a hawk screams. No one knows why a hawk is inside the building, but it’s Vegas so no one bats an eye. The two men square off in the crisp climate-controlled air of The Venetian. Fingers poised over their mouse and keyboard, ready to let loose with a salvo of clicks and command line inputs to see who has the hottest AutoCAD tip in town. With so many drawing variables at play, it’s impossible to say who will share the most commanding tip. The only guarantee is TheMadCadr and The CAD Geek will present their sharpest shooting productivity tips, tricks, and techniques for this winner-take-all duel in the desert! Though there will be but one loser in this duel, there will be many winners who discover new ways to remove tedium and boost productivity on their projects. Cowboy boots, large belt buckles, and ten-gallon hats are optional, but encouraged to pick up what these two are putting down.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase productivity with recently added features.
  • Learn how to make use of underutilized features.
  • Push AutoCAD to new extremes with tips veterans and gurus know.
  • Have fun!

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and Delightful Drafting Techniques

If you want to master AutoCAD, join Autodesk Expert Elite member Donnie The CAD Geek, Gladfelter as he shares a plethora of power-user tips acquired from writing six books on AutoCAD and blogging for more than a decade. Donnie will take you through a powerful collection of proven productivity techniques that are certain to improve your everyday drawing life. From simple to advanced, you are sure to discover new ways to remove tedium and boost your ability to meet project deadlines.

Learning Objectives

  • Complete common AutoCAD tasks in fewer steps.
  • Harness recently added features to improve productivity.
  • Leverage AutoCAD across platforms (desktop, web, & mobile) to improve collaboration.
  • Use secret tips AutoCAD software veterans and gurus know.

Overcoming The Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Training Programs

Co-presenting with Jason Kunkel

Are you a glutton for good training? Do you lust over other company’s effective education technology? Bad training programs can leave your employees full of wrath, so don’t be slothful ?come check out this session that will outline the issues many companies see when building up or overhauling their own training programs. Your competitors will be green with envy when you pridefully show off your skilled employees – just don’t get greedy. This session will focus on overcoming the seven deadly sins of training and put your program on a righteous path. We’ll explore the process of defining education mission statements, align curriculum with student learning styles, and methods to reinforce learning. You will benefit from the unique experience and knowledge shared by two instructors who have built successful training programs in firms of more than 350 people, designed Autodesk Official Press curriculum, and who continue to build training programs for firms across the nation today.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the internal and external factors affecting professional development.
  • Overcome common mistakes that limit the success of corporate training programs.
  • Establish a training mission statement, and methods for program reinforcement.
  • Build a training roadmap based on a proven framework.

Reinforced Learning: Secrets to Making Effective On-Demand Training Videos

No matter how great the curriculum or instructor, without reinforcement teams will forget up to 90% of what they learn in just a month. Video offers an efficient way to close this gap, but where do you even start to record a video, much less a video your users will watch? In this session, you will learn the secrets used to produce AutoCAD training videos seen more than 1,000,000 times on YouTube, plus strategies for applying that experience to corporate training programs. Beyond understanding how to pick the right microphone, recording software, and other technical elements, details such as video structure, format, and distribution are equally important for success. This session will connect the dots between each of these with experience-based recording, production, and distribution strategies you can take back to your office.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan and structure video content based on data-driven insights.
  • Build a recording studio with the proper hardware and software.
  • Edit and produce video with simple effects, branding, and more.
  • Implement strategies to distribute final videos to your company.

The Seven Deadly Sins of CAD and BIM Management

Co-presenting with Jason Kunkel

Are you a glutton for the perfect CAD/BIM standard? Do you lust over other CAD/BIM managers who have the authority to get things done? Do project teams become greedy of their own standards, wrathfully rejecting the standardized and more efficient ways you pridefully implement? You need not become slothful, as this class will focus on ways to put you into the enviable position of having users who listen to you. Combining over two decades of CAD, BIM, and IT support and management experience plus years of working with numerous companies to help support their technical managers and staff, this session talks about the things nobody likes to talk about – the sins CAD and BIM managers commit while doing their jobs. What sins might you be guilty of, and what’s the path to righteous? Join this session to learn some of the common pitfalls, missteps, and misconceptions that come with the job and the how and why to avoid them.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn some of the common missteps that CAD/BIM Managers often take
  • Understand the importance of looking at the CAD/BIM Manager job from multiple points of view
  • Discover strategies to avoid falling into tradition traps
  • Find out how not to be that, support guy


Attending Autodesk University and meeting people like you is always a highlight of my year. If you can attend – I highly recomend you do. Of course, before we can get to any of that, we have to figure out what classes will be offered when visiting Vegas this November. Be sure to do your part and vote for the classes you would like to see before viting closes on July 13, 2018.

Finally, did you find an awesome proposal you hope others vote on? Sound off in the comments below with the favorite proposals you come accross this year.

Donnie Gladfelter
Donnie Gladfelter

Donnie is author of the book and Autodesk Official Press, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT: No Experience Required, a columnist for AUGIWorld Magazine, Autodesk University speaker, and former member of the AUGI Board of Directors.


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