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Last week, the technical team at CADD Microsystems came together to put Autodesk’s 2019 products through their paces. I already shared my first impression of AutoCAD 2019 several weeks ago, but the purpose of last week was to look at the holistic portfolio of products. We tested out the new features and collaboarated with one another to discuss how the release stands to beneft the real-world projects of our clients. Beyond the enjoyment of having the team together, seeing how each of our specialists priortized the new features is incredibly beneficial as I begin recieving questions from clients and readers of The CAD Geek.

New Features Webinar Series

While last week we focused on exploring the new releases, this week our focus is on sharing what’s new in Autodesk’s 2019 products. Our eight-part webinar series begins tomorrow (April 17th) at 1:30 pm EST, and concludes on Thursday (April 19th) at 3:00 pm EST. In addition to the full webinar schedule found on the CADD Microsystems website, you can conect with me as I present the following presentations this week:

Wednesday, April 18th

Thursday, April 19th

I do hope you’ll be able to join me for at least one of the webinars I’m hosting this week. Of course if schedules or time zones do not align, we’ll have recordings of each webinar available shortly after each broadcast.

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