Autodesk 2019 New Features Webinars by The CAD Geek

Autodesk 2019 New Feature Webinar Series

Last week, the technical team at CADD Microsystems came together to put Autodesk’s 2019 products through their paces. I already shared my first impression of AutoCAD 2019 several weeks ago, but the purpose of last week was to look at the holistic portfolio of products. We tested out the new features and collaboarated with one another to discuss how the release stands to beneft the …

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Touring the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, do yourself a favor and visit the Autodesk Gallery. Over the years, I have had a chance to visit the Autodesk Gallery several times, and from interviewing a robot to seeing how Autodesk helped capture the hallowed grounds of the USS Arizona, the sights inside are nothing short of exceptional. Not only does Autodesk offer tours for free, but the exhibits will also open your eyes to the world around …

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Autodesk AEC Answer Day – March 8, 2017

Autodesk Answer Day

From the increasing use of reality capture technologies, to virtual reality and even everyday design documentation, it’s an exciting time to be an AEC professional. Over the last year, Autodesk’s portfolio of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction technology has grown rather noticeably. From the introduction to Revit Live, tools like BIM 360 Docs and Collaboration for Revit, to the many new features of InfraWorks – there’s …

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