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Despite my best efforts I never had the chance to blog nearly as much as I wanted from Autodesk University 2009.  Suffice to say, with 4 on-camera interviews, 3 classes to present, 1 lab to assist, and a partridge in a pear tree, it was a busy week. Ok, so maybe I made up the partridge in a pear tree part, but with such a busy schedule, what blogging I did get done was late at night from my BlackBerry. I will however try to put together an AU wrap-up post for everyone to read shortly.

If you follow my twitter feed, you’ve heard the news about my latest project – a book.  That’s right, sometime around June 2010 you’ll be able to pick up AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT: No Experience Required, authored by yours truly.  If you’re interested in picking it up, and I hope you are, jump over to Amazon and have them notify you when the book becomes available.

It’s just my luck that I had a chapter due the Monday after returning from AU.  Since I had so much “free time” while at AU, the landing of my flight was quickly succeeded by me landing in front of my computer to get the chapter done. As the chapter started to come together, I did come across a nifty tip I thought was worth sharing here on my blog.

By default, the Drawing Modes (OSNAP, Snap, Grid, etc) located on the AutoCAD status bar are represented by a series of icons.  Several releases ago these same drawing modes were represented by text, and I’ve worked with many who haven’t quite figured out the icons since the switch.  If this describes your relationship with the Drawing Mode icons on the Status Bar, use this tip to change them back to text.

Right-click on any of the Drawing Mode Icons, and select “Use Icons”


When you do that, AutoCAD will update the Status Bar, and display your Drawing Modes as text.



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