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Creating Custom Contextual Ribbon Tabs in AutoCAD 2010

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I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and got to spend some quality time with your family. Thanks to a rather historical snow the Saturday before Christmas, here in Richmond, VA we did still have snow on the ground for Christmas.  Aside from the big piles of snow found in nearly every parking lot throughout town, by the morning after Christmas all the snowmen had melted away.

One of my favorite enhancements to AutoCAD 2010 was the contextual ribbon tabs.  In fact, contextual tabs are one of the biggest reasons I have come to actually like the Ribbon.  Out of the box Autodesk provides a number of contextual tabs for all sorts of things like xref’s and more.  Like many things in AutoCAD, the true power of Contextual Ribbon tabs if the fact you build and customize your own Contextual Ribbon tabs.

To help you get started creating your own Contextual Tabs, I’ve recorded a quick video showing you how it’s done.  In the video I show you how to create a new Contextual Tab for Multileaders.  Afterwards, when I select a Multileader, AutoCAD loads a Contextual Ribbon Tab that I built with the tools I use most when working with Multileaders.

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