Using MindManager for CAD/BIM Documentation

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image My sincere apologies to the faithful followers of The CAD Geek Blog.  As you probably gathered from my last post (way back on May 30th), I have been focusing just about all of my energy on finding a new job.  Thankfully it seems all of that hard work has paid off, and just today I accepted a position with Education Reseller, Ronald A Williams, Ltd.  So with that weight off my shoulders I can begin catching up on all sorts of things like blogging, and reading my favorite blogs.

Robin Capper’s latest post at RobiNZ CAD blog did catch my attention. Documenting technical processes can be a challenging task, but Robin shares how he makes the task a little less tedious by using MindManager in his latest blog post:

Rapid and flexible CAD/BIM documentation using MindManager Map Parts

A MindManager user myself, I was intrigued by the way Robin uses the program to document and present various processes within his company.  Over the last several years I have become a HUGE fan of MindManager, especially as a technical documentation tool.  Back in November I made a post discussing how to use MindManager to Track and Document Civil 3D Styles.  If you’re not already a MindManager user, you can learn more by visiting the Mindjet website.

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