Thematic Mapping for Engineers

Thematic Mapping for Engineers 072707 1940 thematicmap11Since I know everyone out there has joined AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) this is likely old news. Just in case you haven’t checked it out already, the latest issue of AUGIWorld (July/August) has a number of great articles in it including one from yours truly. Inside this issue is my article titles “Thematic Mapping for Engineers”.

For years now anyone needing to analyze GIS data, identify trends, and ultimately create a map has defaulted to the industry leading ESRI ArcMap. Simply put ArcMap is a phenomenally powerful application. So powerful in fact, many users (especially engineers) barely utilize even a small portion of the software. Autodesk overhauled a good portion of the GIS data analysis tools in Autodesk Map 3D 2007. Using those new and improved tools, AutoCAD Map 3D now has the ability to do many of the tasks engineers have previously relied on a package such as ESRI ArcMap for.

Download the entire July/August AUGIWorld

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