FROM: The Forgotten OSNAP

wedding To say it’s been an memorable few weeks would be an understatement. The last time I posted it was to say I was signing off to get married. Well I’m incredibly happy to say the wedding went off incredibly well, and despite a brief appearance from then tropical storm Alex, the honeymoon was equally wonderful. I haven’t quite made it back to the “real world” yet, as I’m enjoying the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week. Still I wanted to take a quick break from my sun drenched vacation to say hello to all of you, and offer up a very quick, but very useful (in my opinion) tip.

Object Snaps inside AutoCAD let us accurately place objects based upon some sort of geometric parameters. We all know INTersection, ENDpoint, and the like, but what about some of the lesser known osnap’s like FROM?

Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP

image In addition to presenting my own class (Power to the Parcel), I also had the opportunity to assist 2 sessions of a titleblock lab, and another on dynamic blocks.  During the titleblock lab I helped out with one user asked how the presenter centered his text inside his titleblock field so quickly and easily.  The solution rested solely with the Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP.

Introduction to Object Snap Tracking

Object Snaps (OSNAP) are among the most fundamental AutoCAD topics I know.  Without them, drawing two intersecting lines can be described as arbitrary at best. A lesser known OSNAP function is this thing called Object Snap Tracking.  Simply put, Object Snap Tracking can reduce if not eliminate the number of construction lines you draw, just to erase moments later.

To use Object Snap Tracking you must first have both your Object Snaps (OSNAP), and your Object Tracking (OTRACK) turned on.

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