AutoCAD 2012: First Look at Rectangular Arrays

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Along with their complete line of 2012 products, Autodesk told the world about AutoCAD 2012 (now shipping) during their annual product launch event. While individual products were certainly an important component of the product launch event, they were not the most important element. More importantly was the way Autodesk will assemble its product portfolio into a series of industry-focused suites. I’ll spend more time on Autodesk product suites in a later post, but first I wanted to take a look at one of my favorite features inside AutoCAD 2012 – a completely redesigned ARRAY command.

More specifically, the following video takes a look at the all-new rectangular array command:

In the past, the ARRAY command required some very specific information (such as the number of rows & columns, along with the spacing between those rows and columns) before the command could be used effectively. With associative arrays, we’re now able to conceptually place an array, and then refine it with specific design parameters as they are known.

Want to learn about all that’s new inside AutoCAD 2012? Check out our AutoCAD 2012 New Features Webinar tomorrow morning (9:00 AM EST).

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