Back from Vacation w/ Some Interesting Posts

image You’ve probably noticed things have been rather quiet for the last couple weeks here at The CAD Geek. My reason for the silence is simple – vacation. This year I returned once again to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and had a most wonderful time. Among the highlights of this year’s trip was a tour to see the Corolla Wild Horses. Seeing the wild Spanish Mustangs which roam the beaches of Corolla was quite a sight to behold. But like all great vacations – they come to an end all too quickly.

It goes without saying that I ended up neglecting my blog during vacation but alas – I’m back. Since I haven’t necessarily had a chance to prepare a substantial blog entry I figured I’d share some of what I have been reading since my return from vacation.

Standardizing Your Company – Part 3: Start at the Top (Eric Chappell @ – Part 3 in a series of posts talking about how to successfully standardize your company.

A word cloud resume? (Robin Capper @ RobiNZ CAD Blog) – A fun little discovery that creates a word cloud of a web page.  Major geekiness here!

Autodesk Design Review 2009 SP Update (Volker Joseph @ Beyond the Paper) – A service pack for Design Review has been released.

Autodesk and Bentley Systems on Interoperability in AEC (Shaan Hurley @ Between The Lines) – Pretty substantial announcement between 2 of the CAD industry leaders.

Google Releases 3D World Lively (Google Blogoscoped) – Google launches a new 3D chat program/interface.

Five Best Windows Maintenance Tools (Adam Pash @ Lifehacker) – 5 intriguing downloads to keep your machine running on all cylinders.

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  1. well, But as I found interesting people to follow and got the hang of it, … I always feel like I have to polish my blog posts and it seems to take me at least an!


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