Exploring the AutoCAD 2013 Command Line

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As a veteran AutoCAD user, I was a bit concerned when I first learned Autodesk was updating the command-line in AutoCAD 2013. While I’m certainly all for regaining valuable screen real estate; reducing the command-line to just one line? Does Autodesk not understand that I need to see at least some of my command history in order to adequately use AutoCAD?

Thankfully the answer to this and many others like it are a resounding yes. While Autodesk has re-imagined the command-line, they have retained everything that made it an integral tool within your AutoCAD environment while managing to breathe some new life into it along the way. Although I did indeed have some initial reservations about the change, most of those initial reservations have faded after actually using the product for a few months now. Check out the following video to see some of what I feel makes the AutoCAD 2013 command-line great:

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