AU 2008 tweets for 2008-12-05

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  • The au party seems to be thinning out. Where’s the afterparty? #
  • Don McMillian is about to take the stage. Proof engineers can be funny #AU2008 #
  • These Design Slam designs are pretty incredible #AU2008 #
  • The DJ is kickin’ it old school with some Beastie! #
  • When software crashes – design slam 2008 #
  • I love it 151 people get married in Vegas everyday. Shouldn’t that be an even number (thanks Lynn for the trivia) #
  • On my way to the #AU2008 Party #
  • Attending Caffeinated Grading #
  • I am so tired, but on a positive note my class seemed to go well. They were atleast nice enough to clap. #
  • Sitting in @civil3diva point cloud class at #AU2008. Now how good of a student should I be? #
  • Ya know this USA Today paper they deliver to my room everyday may be helpful if my #AU2008 schedule wasn’t so busy. #
  • Presenting Power to the Parcel in 50 minutes. #

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