123D Catch Released for Android

When Project Photofly (now 123D Catch) first debuted on Autodesk Labs I had to check the speedometer on my DeLorean, and look out the window for kids on hoverboards. To my disappointment there was no DeLorean in my driveway, nor kids on hoverboards, but it was now possible to make 3D models from photos taken with any old digital camera.

Autodesk has continued to invest in what they call “reality capture” technology, and continued to innovate the 123D Catch platform. Several years ago 123D Catch was released for iOS devices. With it you could use the camera built into your phone to take a series of photos that Autodesk would return as a 3D model. To think such sophisticated computing could be initiated from a cell phone was quite impressive to say the least, but until now that functionality was exclusive to iOS devices.

Today that has all changed, as Autodesk just released an Android version of the application. Like iOS, the basic app if free to use, although a premium subscription is available.

You can read the announcement on the 123D blog: 123D Catch now on Android

123D Catch for Android can be downloaded from Google Play: 123D Catch for Android on Google Play.


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