The CAD Geek Reaches a Milestone

It’s taken 3 years and 4 months, but with this post I have officially reached the 100 post milestone.  With that I must admit I have been on the fence as to what I should make this post all about.  Do I do some grand tutorial about a yet to be determined topic?  Do I make another tips & tricks post?  Maybe I post something about CAD Management?

After almost a week of contemplating what to make this post about, I finally decided to turn things around a little and make it about you my readers. The CAD Geek Blog has been a part of the blogosphere since January 2006.  Granted, in January 2006 my presence in the blogosphere was rather faint, commanding only 25 monthly visitors.  Ok so 25 monthly visitors really doesn’t qualify as even a faint presence.  Nonetheless, it probably goes without saying, today The CAD Geek Blog sees many times that on a daily basis.