BIM’s Impact on Design

The current trend, especially for government projects, seems to be towards providing a BIM deliverable with your submittals. And so I ask a very fundamental question, what is BIM? Yes, I know its definition, Building Information Model, but what does it mean to create a BIM deliverable? Modern-day design platforms have instilled into our DNA that the word model = 3D. In both Revit and Civil 3D we “model” in 3D, and so the relationship is quickly formed. With that relationship in place, it’s very easy to conclude that BIM is simply the act of designing in 3D using one of these next-gen design platforms.

I hate to fall onto the now infamous saying from GEICO “It’s so easy a caveman could do it”, but I will. When fire was first discovered it quickly proved itself as a wonderful heat source. Now man stay warm on cold night. But after some time a novel discovery was made, using fire man could heat food. Just as fire changed the way we looked at food preparation, BIM has the same potential to change the way we look at design.

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