The CAD Geek is Seeking Employment (One Year Later)

Rather than my typical post latent with tips, tricks, and other technical insights, I thought I’d revisit a post that marked the start of a new chapter in my professional career. Tomorrow marks one year since I, like many others before and after me, was laid off from the firm I was with for nearly

Job Hunting Tips From The CAD Geek

jobsearch Today was my first day as the Technical Product Manager for Education Reseller, Ronald A. Williams. Moving from a private engineering practice to a reseller, I certainly have a lot to learn, but I figure we can discuss that another day. Instead, I thought it would be fitting to look back on my job search that ended up lasting 2-months to the day. While I certainly cannot claim to be a professional career counselor, I can definitely share what worked for me, what didn’t, in addition to some of the less conventional methods I employed. Perhaps some of my experiences can help those of you who have found yourself displaced much like I did.

The CAD Geek is seeking employment

After spending nearly 6 years with some of the most talented engineers I know, this past Wednesday was my last day at Timmons Group in Richmond, VA. In my role as Design Systems Specialist (Assistant CAD Manager), I had the privilege of supporting more than 200 civil engineering CAD professionals. In those six years there