Autodesk Pricing – Could a survey COST you $500?

image Earlier today, I came across a rather interesting blog post by an anonymous author titled “Autodesk does NOT want you to know this…” The post claims Autodesk employs a variable pricing model that if you are not careful could cost you $500. According to the post, the variable pricing model falls under the umbrella of the ACE (Autodesk Customer Engagement) program.

ACE really seems like a centralized sales lead database for Autodesk & its many resellers. When you begin working with a reseller, they will enter your information into ACE as a new opportunity. Once they do that, Autodesk sends you an e-mail containing a simple Yes/No survey on your experiences so far. On the surface, such an e-mail seems rather innocent, but the post alleges this survey as the trigger for the variable pricing model.

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