AutoCAD 2010: The New MEASUREGEOM Command

image What a fun weekend!  Richmond, VA (where I live) got it’s first real snow since 2005.  While I know some who absolutely hate the thought of snow, I personally like it.  Seems I’ve got at least one friend in my dog (black Labrador) named Guinness, who got to see snow for the first time and couldn’t get enough of frisbee in the snow! Of course in the mix of that was a call from grandma who had lost power and was effectively snowed in.  So yesterday afternoon I paid her a visit to dig her out, and get her a bite to eat. Needless to say, I didn’t get too much work accomplished yesterday, and frankly I’m ok with that!

As much as I could blog about my snow filled weekend, I know why you’re here – AutoCAD!  Parametric drawing and the contextual ribbon are naturally the flagship new features to AutoCAD 2010, but what else is there to the upcoming release?  One of those tools is what I would describe as an enhanced AREA command.  There’s probably someone at Autodesk reading this saying NOOOO it’s so much more than that.  Whatever the case, the MEASUREGEOM command is worth taking a look at.

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