Obtaining an AutoCAD license through a VPN connection

Like many firms, we use network licenses to support our AutoCAD user base.  While we (IT) always recommend using the BORROWLICENSE command to “check out” a license prior to leaving the office, life happens, and that doesn’t always happen.  Consequently we end up getting a call from the stranded mobile user, who “is at a client’s office for a lunchtime meeting, and cannot get a license”.  Seeing that lunchtime is AKA “web-surfing happy hour, it goes without saying bandwidth can run a little low, and people connected through VPN can’t always get a license.  So what to do?

Setting Up & Configuring a Distributed License Server

imageThe task of configuring a license server can be a daunting task.  Just the name itself implies cancel all of my afternoon meetings, get me some coffee, I’m going to be here a while.  Thankfully that’s just the stigma surrounding the configuration of license files.  Knowing that some of the other documentation out there can be a little confusing, I have attempted to summarize (with screen shots) the process as concisely as possible.

Before we get started, you should first begin by installing FlexLM onto your desired license server.  The install for FlexLM can be found on the same CD/DVD as your Autodesk product (ie. AutoCAD install disk)

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