Dynamically Combine AutoCAD Data Extraction Tables with Excel Tables

Anyone who follows me on twitter got a heads up about this post yesterday. Ever since its introduction in 2008, Excel table linking has been one of my favorite features inside AutoCAD. Likewise, it seems I’m not alone with that notion, as my posts discussing AutoCAD and Excel interoperability are consistently some of my post

Update Block Attributes Using Excel

POST UPDATED: We’ve authored an updated version of this post using AutoCAD 2016. The updated post includes a video demonstration of the process discussed in this post. My post titled “Quickly Link Excel Tables to AutoCAD” from last August continues to be one of my most popular posts to date. As a result I have

Creating AutoCAD Script Files with Excel

Script files seem to be one of the many forgotten frontiers of AutoCAD.  “Back in the day” I knew of many CAD users who couldn’t go a day without running a script file or two.  These days – not so much.  Even still, the trick of yesterday can still help solve many tedious and mundane

Quickly Link Excel Tables to AutoCAD

Since being posted back in April my post titled Linking Excel and AutoCAD with Data Links has been one of the most visited pages here on The CAD Geek Blog. In that post I go through what I will call the manual way of linking an Excel table to AutoCAD. Thus unless you are a

Linking Excel and AutoCAD with Data Links

Arguably the most valuable tool in the modern-day engineer’s toolbox is Microsoft Excel. People love Excel so much that after its launch in 1985 Microsoft redesigned the rest of the Microsoft Office programs to look more like it. Microsoft Excel’s dominance is undoubtedly tied to its flexibility. After all, I think it’s fair to say