Autodesk “Make Anything” 2017 Showreel

Autodesk Show Reel HBO Westworld

With so much talk about tools like AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and Revit, it’s easy to forget just how far Autodesk technology reaches, and how it allows designers to make anything. From the buildings and parks we walk in, to the movies and television shows we watch, to the vehicles we drive to see those movies in theaters, I find it fascinating to see just how often …

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AutoCAD Exchange – Ask the Expert Series

If you haven’t heard about the AutoCAD Exchange, you’re sure missing out on an awesome community designed specifically for users like you.  Launched in March of this year, the site is packed with all sorts of resources like tips & tricks, videos on how to use many of AutoCAD’s coolest features, a showcase of designs created with AutoCAD, and more.  It really is an impressive …

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Timmons Group Stream Restoration Featured by Autodesk

The first week of March 2009 has proven to be rather eventful.  On Sunday/Monday Richmond, VA saw it’s first real snow since 2005. Geeks got to celebrate square root day for the first time since 2/2/04 on Tuesday (3/3/09). As if each of those weren’t noteworthy in their own right, Autodesk posted two new Civil 3D customer success stories on their website.  Among the customers …

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