New from 3Dconnexion – The SpacePilot PRO

image Just over a week ago 3Dconnexion, subsidiary of Logitech, announced what is sure to be another incredibly popular 3D navigation device – the SpacePilot PRO. This latest version introduces a number of incredibly cool but more importantly useful features like the LCD workflow assistant, and increased comfort. Having used the original SpacePilot for some time now, 3Dconnexion was kind enough to send me its latest SpacePilot PRO to review for myself.

First Impression

Not to say looks are everything, but when a product is going to consume 9 in x 6 in of my desk; it better not be an eye sore. The SpacePilot PRO certainly doesn’t let one down on looks. Its curved profile & black color makes it anything but an eye sore on my desk. However, let’s face it, for a product as expensive as the SpacePilot PRO, it doesn’t only have to look good, but also have outstanding performance as well. I am happy to say it performs as wonderfully as it looks.

Special Thanks

 image With my 3-week vacation over, this week has been all about returning to reality.  As with almost any vacation, this week has mostly been about getting caught up on everything I missed while on vacation.  Thankfully it seems many of my coworkers took some vacation time as well, so my return hasn’t been as daunting as one may imagine. Among the things I have been meaning to do is offer a special thanks to a few incredibly generous companies who recently supported my Local User Group’s (Richmond AutoCAD Manifest) end-of-year dinner.

As we planned this years dinner among our goals was to gather some door prizes which our members could actually use. Yes we know every office worker needs a special coffee mug, and even red stapler, but we wanted something a little more useful than that.  We were incredibly fortunate to have the following companies support our LUG Dinner.

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