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Identity Crisis of Dynamic Blocks

Those using Dynamic Blocks have surely found their functionality quite stellar. That is until they stop being “dynamic”. Dynamic Blocks utilize something called an anonymous block name. This anonymous name is automatically generated by AutoCAD, and helps it manage things like visibility states. There is no real solution to the problem, although there is what … Read more

Hidden Copy Options

As designs get more and more complex, and the need to separate things into multiple drawings becomes more important, so does the need to copy things between those drawings. As a result many of you are probably as addicted to the “Ctrl” + “C” shortcut as I am. Although “Ctrl” + “C” is a wonderful … Read more


Autodesk added some smoke and mirrors with their 2006 release of AutoCAD. Previously you could set IMAGEFRAME either to “0” (invisible border or frame), or to “1” (visible border of frame). In 2006 we are now presented with a third choice of “2”. If IMAGEFRAME is set to “2” then you will see the frame … Read more