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Learn to apply several proven techniques into your AutoCAD environment that will negate the need for ibuprofen by removing headaches from your plotting process. In this class, you'll get tips, tricks, and best practices for achieving consistent plotting regardless of the selected device, or which office a user is in. Advanced topics such as configuring PC3 files will be complemented by several easy-to-apply topics like named page setups and drawing templates. You'll walk away with a blend of thought provoking ways to standardize plotting within your firm, ensuring your plans look as professional as the designs you create.

Learn to combine the power of Microsoft® Excel® with the power of AutoCAD software. This class will explore several ways you can use AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel in tandem without programming. You'll be able to apply everything learned in this class using an out-of-the-box installation of AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel. Conventional concepts will include working with Data Links to display, update, and manage Excel data from AutoCAD. Lesser-known concepts will include updating Update Block Attributes from Excel tables, combining Data Extraction tables with Excel (Data Link) tables, and writing AutoCAD script files using Excel.

Script file that will recreate the AutoCAD Classic Workspace from AutoCAD 2009-2014.

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