AU 2008 tweets for 2008-12-06

  • Boarding for my flight to JFK - New York #
  • Grabbing a bite to eat at the airport. Nothing like spending the night in the airport. #
  • Just got ripped off by the cabbie - $30 ride to the airport. #
  • Just looked at my #AU2008 Survey Results for Power to the Parcel. With 47% reporting I have a 9.24. Happy with that as a freshman speaker! #
  • Note to self. Must put pocket knife in checked luggage before going thru airport security. #
  • After walking to the Fashion Mall, down to the MGM, and back to The Venetian - my feet & legs hurt. #
  • As tacky x-mas light semi just drove down Las Vegas Blvd #
  • About to watch the pirate show at Treasure Island #
  • Just developed a rough book concept sitting in Starbucks #
  • 4 more hours in Vegas. #
  • Enjoying some Starbucks in Treasure Island #
  • Why must there be a flicker every 10 ft as I walk Las Vegas Blvd? #
  • Apparently they havr a 3D M&M Movie #
  • Correction. The M&M store is 4 floors #
  • Wow - they have a 2 story M&M store. #
  • That was different. Bellagio used Faith Hill This Kiss for the fountains. First time I've heard them use a country/pop song for things #
  • Watching the Bellagio fountains #
  • Watching a Santa show in the mall. #
  • Any AU'res still around and want to hang out, get some coffee, etc? #
  • Oh so this is what the outside of The Venetian looks like. Experiencing the outdoors for the first time is a week. #
  • Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, yet The Venetian has a beach shop. #
  • Browsing the Grand Canal Shoppes #
  • Now to kill time until 9 tonight. #
  • And that's a wrap #AU2008 is over. What a great conference (yet again) #
  • Sitting in Funk's Subassembly class #
  • Trying to check out now #
  • Last night at AU. The one night where everyone is relaxed. #

AU 2008 – Day 3

So at this point I’m actually sitting in JFK International Airport waiting for my connecting flight.  Shouldn’t be too much longer, but while I was here I figured I’d get caught up on my AU blogging.  AU 2008 seemed to absolutely fly by (no pun intended as I am sitting in an airport).  I’m sure part of that was greatly due to my schedule of assisting 3 labs, presenting 1 class, and spending what time I could helping AUGI.  Nonetheless, Thursday was my big day at AU.  As I have mentioned a few times before, I was invited to speak for the first time at AU this year.  My class for those just tuning in was Power to the Parcel, a class covering parcel design within AutoCAD Civil 3D. 

I have to admit, I have never been much of a morning person, so frankly my biggest fear of presenting at 8:00am Thursday was oversleeping.  Despite staying up a little later than I probably should have Wednesday evening rehearsing my class, I did manage to make it to my class on time.  While I made it to class on time I was not able to make it through my class without any technical glitches.  Despite everything working perfectly during my rehearsals, my last topic (parcel reports) bombed.  Parcel reports being my last topic, it was an absolute nightmare that I had to end my class on a low.  Thankfully however, everyone seems to have forgiven me for the technical glitch, and have given me positive reviews.  With that, hopefully they’ll have me back as a speaker again next year.

AU 2008 tweets for 2008-12-05

  • The au party seems to be thinning out. Where's the afterparty? #
  • Don McMillian is about to take the stage. Proof engineers can be funny #AU2008 #
  • These Design Slam designs are pretty incredible #AU2008 #
  • The DJ is kickin' it old school with some Beastie! #
  • When software crashes - design slam 2008 #
  • I love it 151 people get married in Vegas everyday. Shouldn't that be an even number (thanks Lynn for the trivia) #
  • On my way to the #AU2008 Party #
  • Attending Caffeinated Grading #
  • I am so tired, but on a positive note my class seemed to go well. They were atleast nice enough to clap. #
  • Sitting in @civil3diva point cloud class at #AU2008. Now how good of a student should I be? #
  • Ya know this USA Today paper they deliver to my room everyday may be helpful if my #AU2008 schedule wasn't so busy. #
  • Presenting Power to the Parcel in 50 minutes. #

AU 2008 tweets for 2008-12-04

  • Teaching my class in the AM - wish me luck #
  • On to the Avatech client appreciation event at Tao #
  • Working the AUGI booth #
  • And all the AUGI members are entering the hall at #AU2008 #
  • Wait, what's that the speaker is using for his presentation... A mac? #
  • Ok Larry - I'll be at the AUGI booth tonight. #
  • Made it into the subscription lunch. I have to wonder, just how much pasta is served at #AU2008? #
  • In the subscription lunch waiting list line. Apparently the red dot doesn't do much here. #AU2008 #
  • I think Mark wants to kill Google Earth. Wifi is not being nice to him. #
  • 26 minutes before the first civil 3D fatal error #
  • Attending Mark Scacco's LEED-ing with AutoCAD Civil 3D #
  • The alignment parameter for dynamic blocks is a wonderful thing! #
  • Wow there's actually a person knitting in this lab. #
  • Helping as aab assistant in a dynamic blocks lab #
  • Live from #AU2008 it's AUGI day! #

AU Day 2

DSC_0980 As exhibited by my lack of a dedicated AU Day 2 post, it goes without saying my Wednesday was pretty busy. I’ve heard many say every AU they attend becomes busier than the previous; a statement I can personally attest to.  Nonetheless, I got my Tuesday started as a Lab Assistant; this time it was for John Beltran’s Hands-on Introduction to Dynamic Blocks.  Even as a Lab Assistant I found the class most enjoyable, picking up a few pointers I didn’t previously know about along the way.

After helping out with John’s lab, I was able to be an attendee for the rest of the day, well most of it at least. Among the sessions I attended was the one casual class I registered for; The Making of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who.  No the class had absolutely nothing to do with Civil 3D, or anything else I personally do with Autodesk products, but it was incredibly neat to get a behind the scenes look at how the movie was made.  As I recall they had datasets of some 140+ GB for each scene.  Somehow I don’t think I should attempt such a dataset with Civil 3D.

AU 2008 – Day 1

DSC_0901 Today marked the official start to Autodesk University 2008, and boy what a busy day! For me my morning got started being a lab assistant for Andrew Hill of AEC Systems in Australia. In that class he presented his “Project-Based Title Blocks using Fields, Attributes, and References”.  Andrew certainly had a lot packed into his class, but I must say it was all very awesome content.  Looking to the stats of this blog, among my most popular posts of all time is Update Block Attributes Using Excel. If you’re an AUOL member be sure to find Andrew’s class and download it’s content.  Among the goodies in his dataset is a LISP which updates attributes using Excel.

After my morning wakeup lab, it was off to the AUGI Volunteer Meet & Greet.  Since my lab conflicted with the event, I barely made it in time, but made it nonetheless.  Seems like there was a good showing of volunteers, which is always a good thing.  After all, without volunteers like you AUGI cannot be the organization it has become today!

AU 2008 – Day 0

DSC_0893 So Autodesk University 2008 doesn’t officially get started until tomorrow (Tuesday).  That small detail didn’t get in the way of some very cool sessions and gatherings from being hosted. For me my day got started at the Richmond International Airport, for a quick flight to New York (JFK).  My layover was only supposed to be long enough for me to get from one gate to another, but as “luck” would have it – my flight from JFK to Las Vegas was delayed for about an hour.  Better late than never, I finally made it to The Venetian (host hotel for AU 2008) just in time for the AUGI Community Leadership Conference.

AU 2008 – Only 1 week away

image It’s hard to believe, but AU 2008 is really just 1 week away.  This time next week myself and thousands of fellow esteemed CAD users will be walking the streets of Las Vegas, and be immersed in all things CAD. While things like the opening session promise to be a must see event, what else can we expect at AU 2008?

My September post titled Autodesk University 2008 – Less than 3 months away answers much of that question, but hey – that was a nearly 3 months ago!  Lots has happened since then, but what?

AU Showguide

What better place to find out all that will be AU 2008 than the official AU Showguide.  Guess what? You don’t have to wait until you arrive at AU to get a sneak peek at this document.  In fact you can download it right now!

Download the AU 2008 Showguide

AUGI Community Leadership Conference

If your flight brings you to Vegas sometime before Monday afternoon, check out the AUGI Community Leadership Conference. Registration starts at 12:30, and the event itself starts at 1:00.  The half-day session is open to all AU attendees.

Learn more about the AUGI Community Leadership Conference

AU Unplugged

Take a break from AU and experience a different kind of learning—attend a AU Unplugged session. These sessions are much more casual than the “normal” AU sessions.  Rather than being a lecture, these sessions are a conversation.  Check out the AU Unplugged schedule and be sure to make time for an Unplugged session or two.

AU Unplugged Schedule

Live from AU

Can’t make it to AU? No problem, some select sessions will be broadcast from AU straight to your desktop.

Check out the Live from AU schedule

Free Product Certification at AU

Whether your field is manufacturing, civil engineering, or architecture, Autodesk Certification can help keep you ahead of the curve and give you a solid competitive advantage in today’s complex marketplace. Best of all, this year at AU, getting certified is better than any after Thanksgiving sale you’re likely to find this holiday season.  It’s for the low low price of FREE.

Get Certified for FREE


Get the latest from the conference floor from a number of twitter feeds.  I will be live “tweeting” from AU this year.

The CAD Geek’s twitter feed

AUGI at AU twitter feed diabetes prednisone

Autodesk University 2008 – Less than 3 months away

image It’s hard to believe, but in less than 3 months the CAD geeks of the world will be gathered in fabulous Las Vegas, NV for Autodesk University 2008.  So the ominous question is, how’s AU 2008 shaping up?  Well let me answer that by formulating a list of what to expect at AU 2008.

Autodesk University Registration Open

imageIt’s official – registration for AU 2008 is open.In the words of Autodesk, the site is “Sputtering along”, but open nonetheless.  While this is certainly inconvenient, it is a promising sign that AU will be bigger than ever (despite the current state of the economy). 

AU 2007 was my first AU, and it really is an incredible opportunity.  I’d dare to say you learn just as much in the hallways as you do in the classroom.  This year I am excited to have the chance to speak at AU.

I will be presenting CV300-4 Power to the Parcel

Sit down, buckle up, and keep your hands on the keyboard (and mouse) as we supercharge your parcel design using AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. Learn how to take nothing more than a boundary survey and turn it into a complete parcel design, cul-de-sac and all. Start with your right-of-way, and finish with labeling. During this class, we’ll work through fundamental parcel creation techniques, and more importantly, when to use which technique. Anyone wanting to get started laying parcels out the quick and easy way will want to attend this class.

I hope to see all of you wanting to get started with Civil 3D Parcels in my class at AU this year!

Autodesk University 2008 Website