Why are the layers not alphabetically sorted anymore?

This problem can be resolved by increasing the MAXSORT variable. In AutoCAD versions 2002 and earlier this is set to 200 by default, and 1000 for AutoCAD releases since 2004. Though newer and more powerful systems are not effected as badly by it, setting MAXSORT too high can eat into overall system performance. Advertisements


How to Insert Blank Sheet Set Fields in AutoCAD

Anyone who has used Sheet Set Manager has most likely wanted/needed to make a field blank. The time I run into this the most is with the fields I have for our revision dates. Obviously, with a first submission I am not going to have a “Revised Date”; thus the need for a blank field. Unfortunately simply entering a space doesn’t cut it for Sheet …

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Cycle Through AutoCAD Layout Tabs

Hold onto your keyboard the next time you need to cycle through your layout tabs. Simply press “Ctrl” + “Page Up” or “Page Down” key to thumb forwards or backwards in your tabs. On a side note, this is a tip that not only works in AutoCAD. You can also perform the same keyboard shortcut in applications such as Excel to flip through workbooks. primobolan

Closed polylines the easy way – BOUNDARY command

AutoCAD users of all types can appreciate the value of closed polylines. Of course in creating them most users use a procedure involving the PEDIT command. But did you know there was an easier way? Hidden away in AutoCAD is the BOUNDARY command. Think of the BOUNDARY command as a HATCH command that draws polylines (and regions) rather than hatches. Let me explain. When using …

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