Expand Your AutoCAD Crosshairs (Cursor)

Once upon a time in AutoCAD the cursor (crosshairs) filled the entire drawing area by default. This mimicked an old t-square or drafting machine in functionality. There were many advantages of having your cursor span the entire screen, one of course being the ability to quickly check if two items were in line with each

Identity Crisis of Dynamic Blocks

Those using Dynamic Blocks have surely found their functionality quite stellar. That is until they stop being “dynamic”. Dynamic Blocks utilize something called an anonymous block name. This anonymous name is automatically generated by AutoCAD, and helps it manage things like visibility states. There is no real solution to the problem, although there is what

Sheet Set Manager – Replacement for Windows Explorer?

Sheet Set Manager (SSM) is a very powerful tool, but with its power comes a degree of complexity. The average end-user should never have to dig into the back end of SSM, and have to set up fields and the like. On the other hand an average end user will use the “Sheet Management” functions

Hidden Copy Options

As designs get more and more complex, and the need to separate things into multiple drawings becomes more important, so does the need to copy things between those drawings. As a result many of you are probably as addicted to the “Ctrl” + “C” shortcut as I am. Although “Ctrl” + “C” is a wonderful


Autodesk added some smoke and mirrors with their 2006 release of AutoCAD. Previously you could set IMAGEFRAME either to “0” (invisible border or frame), or to “1” (visible border of frame). In 2006 we are now presented with a third choice of “2”. If IMAGEFRAME is set to “2” then you will see the frame

Are you an AutoCAD EXPERT

If you had to rank your CAD skills on a scale of 1-5 where would you rank yourself? Packed away in AutoCAD is a little-known system variable that will allow users to change the way AutoCAD interacts with you based on your EXPERTise. For example when you invoke the REGEN command, are you REALLY sure

How to Insert Blank Sheet Set Fields in AutoCAD

Anyone who has used Sheet Set Manager has most likely wanted/needed to make a field blank. The time I run into this the most is with the fields I have for our revision dates. Obviously, with a first submission I am not going to have a “Revised Date”; thus the need for a blank field.

Cycle Through AutoCAD Layout Tabs

Hold onto your keyboard the next time you need to cycle through your layout tabs. Simply press “Ctrl” + “Page Up” or “Page Down” key to thumb forwards or backwards in your tabs. On a side note, this is a tip that not only works in AutoCAD. You can also perform the same keyboard shortcut

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