RSS Feed Reader Inside AutoCAD

If you frequent mine or any blog on the internet you have likely become familiar with a little thing called RSS feeds. RSS is of course an acronym, which depending on who you talk to has a few variations. The generally accepted definition for RSS is Real Simple Syndication. Many people who frequent a specific blog will add it to a feed reader.

The power behind RSS feeds are their flexibility. They can be added to an array of feed reading devices such as My Yahoo, Google Reader, even the latest versions of Outlook and Internet Explorer. Although each of these programs has their differences, the core similarity is the ability to group together multiple RSS feeds, effectively notifying an individual when a website of interest is updated. But even still what does all of this have to do with AutoCAD?

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AutoCAD 2008 – First Look at Multileaders

Various notes & callouts can easily inundate a plan sheet making it hard to discern the actual design. Thus in the interest in making plan sheets more readable, a common practice is to have numerous leaders referencing a single note. Prior to AutoCAD 2008 the only solution was to trace over the original leader when drawing any subsequent leaders. It’s tough to call that practice a solution, as it was more a workaround, but at the end of the day it was all we had to work with. It likely goes without surprise that the ability to have numerous leaders “attached” to a single piece of text has been a longstanding AUGI Wishlist item. In the words synonymous with the 80’s band Queen – “Another one bites the dust”.

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New functionality of the Layer Isolate (LAYISO) Command


I must begin by expressing my sympathies to all of those affected by the tragic events at Virginia Tech yesterday. Working in Richmond, Virginia (about 3 ½ hours from Virginia Tech) a large percentage of our engineering staff are Virginia Tech graduates. Today has been especially hard for them as many are learning old friends, and even old professors were among the group of individuals who sadly paid the ultimate price.

***UPDATE (4/18/2007)*** As the news reports have continued to come in, I have recently learned the tragedy at Virginia Tech has touched my firm, Timmons Group, even more. Graduate student, Matt Gwaltney was a phenomenally bright individual who we had made a job offer was among the victims of April 16th. In memory of not only Matt, but all of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy this Friday (April 20, 2007) has been declared a national “Orange and Maroon Effect” day (click left image for details). Likewise a memorial fund has also been set up. More information on it can be found on the Virginia Tech website. ***


Introduced as “Bonus Tools’ in Release 14; layer tools such as Layer Isolate (LAYISO) are among the list of favorite commands for countless AutoCAD users. Since AutoCAD 2000 users have come to know the “Bonus” menu under its new name – “Express”. Quite simply the Express Tools are commands that Autodesk is nice enough to include in the software, but does not officially support. From time to time these commands “grow up”, earning their stripes, becoming full-fledged AutoCAD commands. In AutoCAD 2007 our beloved “Layer Tools” were among the commands to get their stripes and become full-fledged AutoCAD commands.

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