Ditch excess RegApps & Speed Up Your Drawings

So you have this drawing, and despite clearing our your Annotative Scale List, running the PURGE command, even clearing out your layer filters the gosh darn drawing is still slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.  And even after all of that, your drawing is still 1 MB in size – what

Layer Properties Per Viewport

For the past couple weeks The CAD Geek Blog has been rather quiet.  Rest assured I haven’t abandoned my little corner of the CAD blogosphere, but rather took a little end-of-year vacation (Dec 17-Jan 1).  I started my vacation with grand plans of blogging almost non-stop, and finding new ways to break AutoCAD and Civil

Make an Entire DWG Annotative

While I was unable to get a blog post put together last week, I did manage to finish developing a course on Annotative Scaling for my firms internal training program.  One nifty discovery I came across in developing the course was the variable ANNOTATIVEDWG.  So what exactly does this guy do? Quite simply – it

Better than AUDIT, Better than RECOVER, the new RECOVERALL

Yesterday morning got out to a rather chaotic start for me. Within the first couple hours of the day I had 3 support requests in queue, all urgent, and for a mid-day submittal. Not to bore you with details, but essentially one was related to Sheet Set Manager crashing in the middle of the job.

Perpetual Annotation Scale List

In just the last few days alone I have received 5 support requests from my users about this issue. Seeing that I haven?t seen a lot written about it, I thought I would make a quick post about the Perpetual Annotation Scale List bug in AutoCAD 2008. This issue is most often noticed when users

Quickly Link Excel Tables to AutoCAD

Since being posted back in April my post titled Linking Excel and AutoCAD with Data Links has been one of the most visited pages here on The CAD Geek Blog. In that post I go through what I will call the manual way of linking an Excel table to AutoCAD. Thus unless you are a

Upgrading to AutoCAD 2008

Alas, my firm has finished our AutoCAD 2008 upgrade. In the timeframe of about a month we upgraded a little more than 250 users in our 7 engineering offices. Some would call the mere thought of upgrading that many users in such a short timeframe crazy, but even still we did it. Thankfully we have

Multileaders – Part 2

After a much needed and most enjoyable vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I am back in the office. My first two days back to the office have been both busy and exciting, as Monday kicked off our AutoCAD 2008 upgrade training and deployment. Two offices down – five more to go. Needless

Multileaders – Part 1

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So this post actually comes to you from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This week I am getting some much needed rest & relaxation by soaking up some rays along the Atlantic coast. Being a bit of an avid photographer I am definitely looking forward to capturing some good shots. The seagull picture I

Managing Layout Tabs in AutoCAD 2008

If you have kept up with the new features packed within AutoCAD 2008 you have likely read a small novel worth of articles about Annotative Scaling. Now don’t get me wrong, Annotative Scaling is a really cool new feature, but lots of other smaller features have gone without a lot of fanfare. My firm is

Separate Annotation Scales Per Viewport

Dana Probert over at the Engineered Efficiency Civil3D.com blog wrote about quickly changing your Civil 3D Drawing Scale with the new Annotation Scale. Using the Annotation Scale fly out on the Status Bar we can quickly change our Civil 3D Drawing Scale. Those familiar with previous versions of Civil 3D will recall having to go

Making Blocks Annotative

If you have been keeping up with AutoCAD 2008, you know the idea behind Annotative Scaling as it relates to text. The general concept to make it possible to do in one object what once required we use multiple objects. I am of course speaking about copying a piece of text numerous times just so