Category: AutoCAD 2006

AutoCAD® 2006, the 20th release of AutoCAD software, increases efficiency with across-the-board improvements to bring productivity up and lag time down.

Keep your Attribute Text (Burst)

Attributed blocks can be friend or foe, especially if you’re not sure how to tame them. Let’s face it; from time to time they can

Hidden Copy Options

As designs get more and more complex, and the need to separate things into multiple drawings becomes more important, so does the need to copy

Special Character Codes for Text

These codes stem back to the “Old School” days of AutoCAD in DOS, but are each still useful today. All of these codes still work


Autodesk added some smoke and mirrors with their 2006 release of AutoCAD. Previously you could set IMAGEFRAME either to “0” (invisible border or frame), or

Are you an AutoCAD EXPERT

If you had to rank your CAD skills on a scale of 1-5 where would you rank yourself? Packed away in AutoCAD is a little-known

Relative XREF Workaround

If you have been using AutoCAD 2006 for anytime you’ve most likely ran into a situation where you were not allowed to attach a XREF