Project Photofly image thumb3 Yesterday Autodesk released a very impressive new technology they call Project Photofly. With Project Photofly you can quickly and easily generate 3D models using nothing more than photographs taken with your digital camera. Although Photofly will certainly work with fancy SLR cameras that cost their owner their first-born; your smaller, more compact, and much cheaper digital camera will work just as well.

Photofly will take the photos you load into it, upload them to the web, do the necessary bean counting on a server much more powerful than your personal computer, and automagically download a 3D model to your computer. You can then view the model inside the Photofly software, or even export the points to AutoCAD. Here’s a quick video I recorded as I created my first Photofly model:

Project Photofly is a FREE download from the Autodesk Labs website. Like me, I’m sure the wheels are turning with ideas of ways you might be able to utilize this technology.

Found a cool use for Project Photofly? Share your ideas in the comments section of this post.