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If you’ve been keeping up with the blogs, you’ve probably already read your share about parametric constraints/drafting, contextual ribbon, 3D modeling, and the like.  Not to say those topics aren’t appreciated additions to AutoCAD, but to me sometimes the little things make all the difference in the world.  If my memory serves me correctly AutoCAD 2006 brought us the JOIN command.  Sure I used to have a LISP command that would join two objects together, but there’s one thing all AutoCAD commands have that LISP commands don’t – support!

While I appreciate those who customize AutoCAD beyond belief, I am of the camp where the less customization you can do the better.  My core reason is support.  If I make it I have to support it. As a Subscription customer, if Autodesk makes it, they have to support it for me. Nonetheless, the new REVERSE command in AutoCAD 2010 is a very welcome addition IMO.

Not sure what the REVERSE command is all about?

At my firm we use a lot of linetypes with text and/or symbols.  For our lines with text, we want the text to read with the plan sheet it will be shown on.  For our lines with shapes (ie. arrows), I need the shapes to read in the correct direction. Using the REVERSE command I can flip the linework to read correctly.

To use the REVERSE command, expand the Modify panel from the Home ribbon tab. There you will find the image image thumb3 icon.  Simply click it to run the REVERSE command, and then click the object(s) you want to reverse. In the illustration below I used the REVERSE command to make the W’s read correctly.

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