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I just recently returned home from San Francisco, CA where I was privileged enough to join some of the most popular AutoCAD bloggers in the blogosphere for the AutoCAD 2010 release event in San Francisco. Although we stayed incredibly busy throughout the day Thursday, I must say I really did have a great time at the event. It’s always a golden opportunity when you get to have meaningful chats with the people who manage and develop AutoCAD.

During the day we also recorded a number of videos, which I understand will be released on a soon to be launched AutoCAD community site. Keep a look out for its launch in the near future. While there were countless serious moments, we also had our fun. Wednesday night Autodesk hosted a meet & greet for us bloggers. Shaan Hurley and some other bloggers had an embarrassing moment in the hotel elevator as they shook the hand of who they thought was me. They quickly figured out, the guy in the elevator was not me, just some guy named Travis who, according to them, looks just like me.

As I said, we recorded a number of videos yesterday, and like any video shoot there’s bound to be some bloopers. I think my best blooper was a take in which I kept saying Paramedic Constraints, not Parametric Constraints. So in the spirit of my gag footage, I give you a video introducing the new parametric constraints inside AutoCAD 2010. If you find yourself needing a paramedic afterwards, please press the F1 key.