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Among the “big new things” inside AutoCAD 2009 was of course a new user interface. At the heart of this new user interface was the all new Ribbon. Love it or hate it, the ribbon is still inside AutoCAD 2010, but with some new enhancements.  While I got used to the Ribbon inside AutoCAD 2009, I never became a huge fan.  The primary reason for that was because I found myself having to click too much to find the tool(s) I needed.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had this opinion, as Autodesk introduces “contextual ribbon tabs” to the AutoCAD 2010 interface.  With contextual ribbon tabs, the tools I need next are almost always at my fingertips.

On the topic of the ribbon, Civil 3D 2010 does get “ribbonized” in 2010, but with the introduction of contextual ribbons, it’s not as painful as I had anticipated.  Stay tuned, as I will discuss the Ribbon inside Civil 3D in more detail inside a future post.