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This is a bit of an oldie, but goodie.  Civil 3D Pipe Label Styles can give me the Invert In or the Invert Out of a pipe, but not the invert between point a and point b.  That limitation is never really an issue until you go to label the invert of a crossing pipe.  If you’re like me the first time I encountered this issue, I first searched and searched the Plan Profile Pipe Label Style options.  My disbelief grew with each minute, until I happened to look at my Google Talk and found one of my Civil 3D buddies online.  It wasn’t until then I really believed Civil 3D couldn’t label a crossing invert…well that was until I expanded another node in the settings tab.  That node? Station Elevation labels for Profile Views.

The Style

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For my crossing pipe invert label, I created a new style under: Profile View > Label Styles > Station Elevation.  Opening the style will reveal a simple, yet effective style.  All I have done is added a text element that says INV=, and then includes the ‘Profile View Point Elevation” property.  By employing this method I’m labeling the profile, not the pipe.  It just so happens whenever I use this style, a pipe will be nearby.  From a presentation standpoint, the label being a profile style verses a pipe style is indifferent. However from a data linking & management perspective, the separation is huge.  Since I am using a profile style to label a pipe, if the pipe updates, the label will not.  I’ll have to manually move the label to update the elevation to a new invert.

Labeling Inverts

Rather than going to pipe labels, I’ll go to Profiles > Add Profile View Labels > Add Profile View Labels…

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Next, I’ll select my Pipe Invert Label Style from the Add Labels dialog, and click [Add]

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After clicking [Add], Civil 3D will prompt you to select your profile view, then pick a station & elevation.  To pick the station and elevation, use your Endpoint snap to select the same point twice.

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Once you have selected the profile station & elevation to label, Civil 3D will display your profile label that so badly wants to grow up and become a pipe label style.

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