image image thumb In addition to presenting my own class (Power to the Parcel), I also had the opportunity to assist 2 sessions of a titleblock lab, and another on dynamic blocks.  During the titleblock lab I helped out with one user asked how the presenter centered his text inside his titleblock field so quickly and easily.  The solution rested solely with the Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP.

Admittedly it is one of the more recent additions to the OSNAP arsenal; the 2005 release seems to stick out at me (but don’t quote me on that).  Nonetheless, using the snap is quite easy:

  1. Ctrl + Right Click to get the OSNAP menu, selecting the Mid Between 2 Points option. You can also type MTP or M2P at the command line.
    image image thumb1
  2. After enabling the Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP, use the END OSNAP to select the upper and lower corners of your box (making a diagonal line)
    image image thumb2
    image image thumb3
    image image thumb4

Presto! Just like that you just centered text without drawing a single construction line.  Titleblocks are just one example of how to use this OSNAP. So go, be creative, and see what other ways you can discover to use this hidden gem.