clip_image001_thumb4 clip image001 thumb4I FINALLY finished writing my AU Power to the Parcel session handout this evening.  Just in time to submit it before today’s deadline.  With another AU deadline behind me I can shift my focus back to this my blog.

A number of my users have really embraced the Civil 3D Hydraflow Extensions.  After making a countless number of installations I finally came across my first real installation error.  Just after starting the install I was confronted with the error “Error 1327. Invalid Drive During Installation.

I’ll be honest, this one took a little research on my part (hence why I am sharing this story in the first place).  Frankly, I’m still not necessarily sure what’s really going on here, but I was finally able to find an Autodesk knowledge base article outlining a solution.

In this case the installation was looking for an E-drive (which this machine was obviously lacking).  After finding the knowledge base article the solution was simple:

  1. Start > Run, enter CMD to open Command Line
  2. At the command line type SUBST Drive Letter: c:\temp (replace Drive Letter with the drive shown in the error.  ex SUBST e: c:\temp)
  3. Re-run the Hydraflow installation

You can read the full Autodesk Knowledge Base Article at the following URL: