image image thumb Back towards the beginning of February I made a post “Bring All Text To Front and a Wii Tip”.  Long story short I brought my Nintendo Wii along for evening entertainment during a ski trip, and well forgot the sensor bar.  I know – stupid me.  All hope wasn’t lost however as we were able to geek out and discover that our gas fireplace would work as a sensor bar.

I have to admit, when I made that post it was meant more as a joke.  Afterall this is a CAD blog, not a Nintendo Wii blog.  However this morning I saw a strange post come up in my feed reader – Scott Sheppard over at the “It’s alive in the lab” blog made a post “Wiimote Navigation Add-in for Autodesk Design Review Now Available”.  All of a sudden that post back in February about Nintendo Wii didn’t seem so foolish.

For those unfamiliar with the technical abilities of the Wii Remote – it is both an infrared and Bluetooth device. The guys over at Autodesk Labs have figured out a way to capitalize on the Bluetooth abilities of the Wii Remote, and allow it to interact with Autodesk Design Review.  Using the Wii Remote you can navigate your DWF inside Design Review without a mouse!

To perform this ultra-cool marvel you will need a few things:

Read more and download this add-in over at the Autodesk Labs site: