It’s taken 3 years and 4 months, but with this post I have officially reached the 100 post milestone.  With that I must admit I have been on the fence as to what I should make this post all about.  Do I do some grand tutorial about a yet to be determined topic?  Do I make another tips & tricks post?  Maybe I post something about CAD Management?

After almost a week of contemplating what to make this post about, I finally decided to turn things around a little and make it about you my readers. The CAD Geek Blog has been a part of the blogosphere since January 2006.  Granted, in January 2006 my presence in the blogosphere was rather faint, commanding only 25 monthly visitors.  Ok so 25 monthly visitors really doesn’t qualify as even a faint presence.  Nonetheless, it probably goes without saying, today The CAD Geek Blog sees many times that on a daily basis.

If you have ever done anything with web analytics, each service seems to count a visit differently.  Consequently the stats from my server vary from that of Google Analytics.  Even still, looking first to the analytics collected by my web host show how The CAD Geek has grown over the last several years:

  • 2006 – 408 visitors
  • 2007 – 54,308 visitors
  • 2008 – 42,164 visitors to date

Looking at the past month, the breakdown of my visitors are as follows:

image image3

The #1 city visiting The CAD Geek over the past month is London with 173 visits, or 1.74%. My hometown, Richmond, VA is #5 on the list with 102 visits. To that end, The CAD Geek has seen visitors from 128 countries in the last month.  The top 10 by number of visitors is as follows:

image image thumb1

It seems my most popular post of all time is my "Introduction to the AutoCAD 2009 Ribbon".  Beyond that, the top 10 posts of all time (as reported by Google Analytics) is as follows:

image image5

The CAD Geek, being something I started more as a way to prevent myself from forgetting all of the random tips & tricks fellow CAD users were kind enough to share with me, has turned into a lot more than that.  Welcoming around 10,000 visitors/month has been an incredibly humbling experience for me.  Getting my start in the classrooms of Coach Spain and Mr. Collie at Hermitage High School and Hermitage Technical Center respectively, it never crossed my mind that I would one day become published, and establish such a presence on the internet. As much as I thank individuals such as you for making The CAD Geek what it is today, I could never thank Coach Spain and Mr. Collie enough for sparking my interest in CAD!