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Sheet Set Manager has certainly made it much easier to create, manage, and plot drawing sheets.  Even still, SSM is not without it’s flaws.  Perhaps one of my all-time SSM annoyances is the fact you cannot insert a comma in a SSM field.  So how did I put a comma in the illustration above?

Well technically there is no comma in the above illustration.  Instead I have inserted a character that looks like a comma.  The secret is to press and hold the ALT key while you type 0130.  It will then insert a character that looks like a comma, but more importantly works with SSM.

The other question I get rather frequently is how to make a SSM field blank.  That solution is very similar to the comma solution.  Instead of typing ALT+0130, type ALT+0160.  The 0160 code will insert a non-breaking space, which will appear blank when plotted.