061807 1749 isolatingin1Hidden for some time now in the lower right-hand corner of AutoCAD is a little light bulb. If you are like most, you have simply let this little light bulb burn –wasting electricity. At first glance it may seem a little out of place. After all light bulbs belong in the layer manager– right?

Even still – what’s up with the light bulb in the lower corner of the screen? What many seem to discount as being a status notification of some sort is in fact an actual command.

  1. Click on the 061807 1749 isolatingin2 located in the lower right hand corner, and select Isolate Objects.

    061807 1749 isolatingin3


  2. Select the objects you would like to isolate. Objects can be on different layers.

    061807 1749 isolatingin4

  3. Only selected objects are displayed after defining the selection set. Unselected objects are “turned off”.

    061807 1749 isolatingin5

To turn everything back on click on the 061807 1749 isolatingin6 located in the lower right hand corner and select End object isolation.

***UPDATE – Thanks to Jimmys comment it has been brought to my attention that this feature is only available in the AutoCAD vertical products. What I mean by vertical products is AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, etc. ***