Georeferenced DWF Files


I have come to rely on my power users.  Just the other day one of my power users (Michael Elander) came to me asking about georeferenced DWF’s.  To be frankly honest my knowledge of georeferenced DWF’s really extended no further than a flier I picked up at AU or something on Design Review 2008.  The […]

Converting a Drawings Coordinate System


For one reason or another drawings sometimes need to be moved from one coordinate system (datum) to another.  A classic example may be moving from a NAD 27 datum to a NAD 83.  Whatever the case may be, how might one perform this translation as accurately as possible? To answer that I turn to good […]

Finding the 3D in Map 3D: Surface Visualization


The September / October issue of AUGIWorld is now available for download.  The cover story for this issue is “A First Good Impression”.  Impression is a brand new program that Autodesk released this year which allows you to give your CAD drawings a hand sketched look.  Anyone faced with creating such exhibits and illustrations will […]

Importing & Elevating GIS Contours – Part 2


In my last post titled “Importing & Elevating GIS Contours – Part 1″ I discussed a way for us to import GIS Data into an AutoCAD Drawing as AutoCAD entities.  While I spoke in context of using it to import GIS contours, truth be known, the process outlined in part 1 can be used for […]

Importing & Elevating GIS Contours – Part 1


Perhaps one of the most common GIS related tasks I am asked to help with is how to import and then elevate GIS contour data.  Oftentimes this data is provided as an ESRI Shapefile, and when imported has no elevation.  While GIS contour data isn’t accurate enough for precise design, it is often sufficient for […]

Map 3D Drawing Status Bar in Civil 3D


Civil 3D users – did you know that Map 3D has a specialized drawing status bar? It seems the typical Civil 3D user knows little to nothing about the abilities of Map 3D. As those who do use it know, Map 3D is an incredibly powerful geospatial tool. Autodesk did publish their “GIS Skills for […]